Value is what we need. Value is what drives us, what drives people and organizations around us. Focusing on the value and the better future is what drives meaningful changes. 
My mission in this project is to share my knowledge and experiences of design and value thinking. To inspire broader usage of this approach.

Do you see the dots or do you notice the connections?
From one side, we can focus our attention on the obvious and notice the dots. On another side - wouldn't it be much more interesting to focus on the connections and patterns they are making? And even more. We can make new connections using the knowledge and experience we have.

And this is in the spotlight of this project

It's about me sharing my knowledge and experience in design thinking and methods used in the process. I do it with the aim and hope to inspire more and more people to experiment with these methods. It was enough for me to use these methods a couple of times, and I don't want ever to go back to classical problem-solving techniques.

Dots and connections in creative process

Why design thinking?

Design thinking methodology and philosophy are genuinely inspiring.
The energy, creativity, fun, and many discoveries that arise from using these methods bring lots of value to its practitioners.
Design thinking has a unique value combination allowing us to address so many of the essential substances discussed broadly - understanding the clients and people's needs, creating an exceptional value proposition, engaging people and teams in a meaningful way.

Professional services

Design thinking is a universal approach with a comprehensive set of usage scenarios. Innovations and new value creation playgrounds are outside of solely product and services development boundaries for a long time. The design thinking approach can be used in any business field and operations where there is a need to solve known problems or look for new value opportunities. More about the gains and usage potential you can find in the Services section.  

Personal experiences

The design thinking approach focuses on the desirable target achievement, and the methods used during the process focus on the opportunities and solutions. The methods are pretty universal and can be used in any circumstances where we face uncertainty. Or we might be just looking for new ideas, opportunities, and approaches. You can read more about my experiments and discoveries in the Blog section. I genuinely hope that what you read will inspire you to do your own experiments.